The following regulations are effective for all residents of the City of Florence. Any questions or problems you may have with the service should be directed to the Sanitation Division at 665-3296.



One (1) each 90 gallon roll cart was provided for use in collection of household garbage and yard waste to existing residents by the City of Florence when curbside collection was initiated in 1982.

The city will supply one 90/95 gallon residential roll cart to all residential units currently in, or annexed into the City. New developments or newly built homes (vacant) in existing developments shall also be furnished with a new roll cart. When the current roll cart becomes unusable, the resident should contact the Public Works Department for a replacement cart. There is a Roll Cart Maintenance Fee that is placed on your City Services Bill for maintenance and/or replacement of the initial roll cart at a residential location. Any additional roll carts must be purchased by the resident. Call 665-3236 for further information.

New residents should contact the Public Works Department at the above number to determine their pickup days. If no roll cart is at the residence when you occupy the dwelling, please call. If the cart has been stolen or removed by previous tenants, then you may have to purchase a replacement roll cart. If the whereabouts of the previous tenants is found or known, the new resident should call the Sanitation Division and they will retrieve the roll cart.



It will be your responsibility to take care of the assigned cart. Do not abuse the cart and it should last you for a number of years. You should wash it out with water and detergent. This will assure a clean and neat appearance.



Store your cart out of sight so that it is not visible from the street by a passing car. Carts should be kept out of sight until your collection day.



Collection days are as follows: Twice weekly collection is given to each resident. One collection day is for household garbage; the other collection day is for residential yard waste.

On your collection day, place your roll cart (with the front of the cart facing the street) within 3 feet of the curb in front of your residence. DO NOT PLACE THE CART IN THE STREET, DRIVEWAY OR IN FRONT OF YOUR MAILBOX. The Sanitation crew will empty the cart and place it back on the curb. Collection begins at 7:30 a.m. It should be removed from the curb by 7:30 p.m. on your collection day. Your cart must be off the curb and back behind your house by the end of the collection day. Residents who leave their carts out on days other than the collection day(s) are subject to fines.



Leaves, grass clippings, pine straw, and other yard waste must be placed separately from your household garbage on the curb for collection. Limbs should be cut to less than 5 feet in length; and pine straw, leaves, clippings, trimmings, etc., must be bagged in plastic bags for collection or you may use your roll cart for yard waste on your yard waste collection day. DO NOT MIX YARD WASTE AND HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE IN YOUR ROLL CART. You will have to separate it before it can be collected.



Very large piles of limbs, logs, etc., should be cut to a maximum of 5 feet in length before placing on the curb for collection. Please call the Public Works office for very large piles of yard waste and other large, bulky items.

DO NOT PLACE ANY TYPE OF DEBRIS IN THE MEDIANS. It must be on the curb in front of your property for collection.



Items that are not collected by the Sanitation Division include poisons, acids, caustics, explosives, soil, hazardous materials, construction/building materials, waste oil, lead-acid batteries, or appliance/metals.

Paint cans must not contain any paint in liquid form. The paint inside the can must be dried out before it can be collected, or the can must be empty. Any paint cans which still have paint or other unidentified liquids in them will not be collected. Kitty litter will speed up the drying process of the paint in the cans.



In bad weather, such as snow or icy conditions, the Sanitation Division will attempt to operate, and each resident may choose whether or not to roll out their cart. If the Sanitation Division suspends service, an announcement will be made via the news media. You are advised to tune in to your local television or radio station during bad weather to find out if the Sanitation Division is operating.



There will be no garbage/yard waste collection on City holidays as follows:

  • New Year's Day
  • M.L. King Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas (2 days)

Your garbage collection days will be rescheduled. If your yard waste collection day falls on a holiday, you will not receive any yard waste collection for the affected days. Normal yard waste collection will resume the following week.

Announcements will be made in the news media and on your city water bill concerning the rescheduling of your garbage collection service.



Your roll cart is not to be used for anything other than household garbage or yard waste, based upon your collection schedule. Do not place dead animals in your roll cart. Place the dead animal at the curb and call the Sanitation Division for service. Sanitation employees do not enter onto private property to pick up dead animals.



Do not write on, cut, paint, or damage the cart in any way. Your roll cart has been numbered so that you can identify it. Make note of that number to insure that your roll cart is returned to you after it has been dumped.



If you should move from your current address, the following regulations apply. If the cart was issued by the City, the roll cart should remain at its present location. If you bought the roll cart, then you may move it to your new location. When you move and must leave the city, please secure the roll cart at a location inside a building (garage, shop, house), if possible, or behind the house out of sight.



All commercial contractors/landscapers, etc., who are hired by you to landscape your yard, cut your trees/limbs, work on your house, or provide land clearing services, are responsible for the removal of whatever debris/yard waste they generate. The City does not collect materials generated by contractors.



It shall be the duty and obligation of a citizen to report alleged violations to the officials of the City for proper enforcement.



The City Manager may authorize a variance to the designated collection system for any home owner/occupant that requests such an exception due to physical handicap or other infirmity. Examples: Handicapped person living alone; citizen with infirmity living alone. If other persons in the household are physically capable of rolling the roll cart to the street, then this variance will not apply to the household.



If you are physically unable to roll your cart to the curb, please forward a doctor's verification of physical disability annually to the Sanitation Division so that backyard service can be set up for you. Mail your doctor's verification to:

City of Florence Sanitation Division
324 W. Evans Street
Florence, SC 29501

In order to qualify for backyard service, all household members must provide doctor's verification of physical disability annually. Please be sure that your name and address are listed on the doctor's verification slip.



Additional cart(s) and/or parts may be purchased from the City of Florence Sanitation Division. Office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Upon payment, the Sanitation Division personnel will bring the cart to your address and/or make the repair to your roll cart. Carts and parts will be sold to the resident at cost.



If the cart is stolen or damaged, the resident can purchase a replacement cart or parts from the Sanitation Division. Call for information.



The serial number of each roll cart is recorded at the Public Works office. If the roll cart was issued by the City, then the cart should remain at the residence if the occupant moves. If the occupant purchased the roll cart, he/she may remove the roll cart when they move to another location.



You should check your roll cart for any damage no later than 24 hours after delivery of the cart to your residence. If you find any problems, please call the Public Works Department office at 665-3236.