City of Florence Fire Department
ISO Class 1

Administration Office
324 W. Evans Street
Room 301
Florence, SC 29501

CEO Tanner

Shannon Tanner, Fire Chief

"fac fortia et patere"
Do brave deeds and endure

The City of Florence Fire Department serves approximately 21 square miles with 5 stations, each housing an engine company. Along with the engine company, Station 1 also houses a truck company, Battalion Chief and rescue truck.

There are 3 shifts that operate on a 24/48 hour schedule in order to staff all stations 24 hours/day, with a minimum staffing of 3 personnel per apparatus. These personnel respond to an average of 4000 fire, medical, hazardous materials and vehicle accidents each year.

In order to meet its goals, the City of Florence Fire Department is made up of the following divisions:


The Suppresion Division is the largest and most recognized division within the department. This division consists of 25 emergency response personnel on-duty each day to respond to those in need. Aside from those responses, this division performs duties to enhance their capabilities such as training, equipment/apparatus maintenance, hydrant/hose testing and fire safety education.

Life Safety

The Life Safety Division, led by the Fire Marshal, works to ensure that business occupancies within the City of Florence are code compliant by conducting fire safety inspections on new and existing businesses.

Emergency Preparedness/Risk Management

Emergency Preparedness/Risk Management works with all departments within the City of Florence in an effort to prepare for disasters and reduce liability.


The Training Division coordinates and conducts training needed to acquire and maintain certification and introduce new concepts.


Logistics maintains and acquires supplies and services needed to keep the stations, apparatus and equipment in safe, working condition.