The City of Florence Utilities and Licensing Division of the Finance Department is located at 324 West Evans Street. We take water and sewer payments, set up new accounts, take new tap applications, and answer questions related to these services at this location.
For your convenience, we have two payment drop boxes located in the parking lot of the City Center at 324 West Evans Street.  If you enter the parking lot from Evans Street and proceed to the back parking area to the exit on Cheves Street, the drop boxes are located on your right.  If you enter the parking lot from Cheves Street, the drop boxes will be to your left.

Our normal office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our telephone number is (843) 665-3155 and our email address is

Water and sewer utility bills can be drafted from your checking account. To have your account paid through bank draft, simply request a bank draft form, complete it, and return it with a voided check.  If the bank draft form is returned by the 20th of the month, your payment will drafted the following month.  Payment by bank draft will save you the monthly trip to our office and will eliminate the possibility of late fees.