The Florence County Treasurer's Office collects personal property tax on tangible items located or registered in the City of Florence.  Items such as automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, business personal property, and manufacturing personal property all qualify as personal property and are taxed at a rate which is applied to the assessed value of the property.  This tax or millage rate is set by June 30 of each year by the City of Florence City Council for the next fiscal year as part of the annual budget adoption process.  Mobile homes do not qualify as personal property; instead, these are categorized and taxed as real property.

All personal property tax bills, except vehicle tax bills, are mailed at the same time as real estate property taxes, usually around October, and are due by January 15 of each year.  Failure to receive a bill does not relieve taxpayers of responsibility for paying the tax on time.  Penalties are assessed to owners who do not pay personal property taxes by the due date each year.  Vehicle property tax bills are mailed monthly and are due and payable in conjunction with vehicle registration through the Motor Vehicle Division of the South Carolina Department of Transportation.  Payment of vehicle property tax is required as a condition of annual vehicle registration with the Motor Vehicle Division of the Department of Transportation.

For more information about personal property taxes and vehicle taxes, or to receive instructions for paying personal property taxes and vehicle taxes, contact the Florence County Auditor's Office located in room 105 of the City-County Complex, 180 North Irby Street, Florence between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, or call the office at 843-665-3088.