Annual Fire Hydrant Testing

Published Sep 18, 2019

Beginning Monday, September 23, 2019, the City of Florence Fire Department will begin annual fire hydrant testing.  Each year, fire department staff conducts a rotation of flow testing and static testing on fire hydrants throughout the city service area.  Testing occurs each year to fulfill requirements of the S.C. Department of Health & Environmental Control (SCDHEC) and as a condition for the City’s ISO (Insurance Services Office).  The importance of the City’s ISO rating is so that residents maintain a lower property insurance rate. 

This year flow testing of fire hydrants will take place in the Station #1 and Station #4 coverage areas.  Station #1 service area generally includes areas east of Edisto Drive bounded by Darlington Street to the north and Cherokee Road to the south; to the east ending at Charlotte Street; portions of S. Irby Street down to Pamplico Highway; and portions of National Cemetery Road down to Stockade Drive.

Station #4 service area generally includes areas west of Edisto Drive bounded by Cherokee Road to the north; areas along north and south Cashua Drive; Hoffmeyer Road to include Windsor Forest Subdivision; areas along David McLeod Blvd; Radio Drive, Woody Jones Blvd.; and Hospitality Blvd.

Fire Hydrant testing will take approximately 6 weeks to complete.  Customers in the areas listed could potentially experience temporary loss of pressure, and/or discoloration of water.  If either of these conditions persist, please contact the Utilities Department at 843-665-3236.  For questions regarding annual fire hydrant testing or the coverage area, please contact the Fire Department at 843-665-3231.