Annual Fire Hydrant Testing Begins May 14th

Published May 11, 2018
The City of Florence Fire Department will begin annual fire hydrant testing on Monday, May 14th.  Annual testing ensures that adequate pressures and flows are available in case of an emergency, while also identifying any hydrants that are damaged or in need of repair. 

The overall process of hydrant testing is required to assist in maintaining the City's current ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating. ISO ratings rank fire service delivery between Class 1, superior, and Class 10, not meeting minimum criteria.  The City of Florence currently maintains a Class 1 rating.

The City's Fire Department will conduct two types of hydrant testing:  flow testing and static pressure testing.  A third of the hydrants in Florence will undergo a full flow test this spring.  Flow testing is cycled over a three year period to ensure all hydrants are flow tested once every three years.  Flow testing is scheduled this Spring for Fire District  3.  Please see the attached Fire District Map for information on the coverage area.  Residents in these areas may experience a loss of water pressure and possible discoloration when a nearby hydrant is opened and flowing for testing.  The difference in pressure will only be temporary.  If discoloration persists, please contact the City of Florence Utilities Department (843) 665-3236. 

The remaining two thirds of hydrants will undergo a static pressure test.  This requires the hydrant to be turned on with a gauge attached, but no water is flowed during this testing.  Fire Districts 1, 2, 4, & 5 are scheduled for static pressure testing this Spring. 

For questions about annual fire hydrant testing, please contact the City of Florence Fire Department at (843) 665-3231.