The Beautification and Facilities Division is responsible for most of the City's special projects, which include landscaping and/or beautification, street/intersection enhancements, and City gateway's.  This section will include pictures and status updates of on-going and finished projects. 

In an effort to revitalize and re-develop  the City of Florence, the Beautification and Facilities Division has been responsible for several "beautification" projects. Projects will continue as re-development occurs.  Stay Tuned!

Recently Completed Projects:

- Landscaping of new downtown parking areas (behind buildings on the east side of the 100 block of N. Dargan)
- Fiasco Dining Patio (100 Block W. Evans)
- James Allen Plaza (100 Block S. Dargan)
- Evans Street Breezeway (100 Block W. Evans)
- Landscaping - City Center and 100 Block of W. Evans Street
- Downtown Artwork - btw the Flo. Co. Museum and the old Waters Bld.
- McLeod Park Improvements (re-route water through the use of natural swales, new fencing, sodding, and seeding)
- Community Gardens: Northwest Park, Iola Jones Park, East Florence Neighborhood @ Pine/Gaillard, Lester Park, and Timrod Park
- I-20 Gateway "Florence Fountain" refurbishment
- Neighborhood / Community Flower Gardens (in coordination with Planning, Research and Development)

Upcoming / On-Going Projects:

- Beautification of islands on 100 N. and 100 S. Dargan Street
- Stormwater / beautification improvements in Lucas and Timrod Parks

Pictures from our Latest Project:  Fiasco Italian Restaurant Dining Patio