Honda way tankCity of Florence drinking water is
 from 14 groundwater plants with 14 elevated storage tanks and a surface water treatment facility that withdraws water from the Great Pee Dee River. There are two booster pump stations to help bolster system pressure in critical areas.  Click the links below for more details.

Surface Water Treatment
The Pee Dee Regional Water Treatment Plant (SWTP) treats raw water from the Great Pee Dee River to produce safe and clean drinking water.

Groundwater Treatment
The City of Florence has a total of fourteen groundwater treatment plants. Water is delivered to each plant via its contributing well(s), for a total of twenty-nine wells.

Water Quality Reports
To ensure the City’s drinking water constantly meets or exceeds the standards set forth in the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, the City of Florence routinely collects sampling data for nearly 100 elements and substances that may be present in public drinking water supplies from both organic and man-made sources. See the City of Florence Water Quality Reports here in Adobe .pdf format for the years 2001 through 2014.