Captain David McClure

The Support Services Division provides many diverse functions that affects each member of the Florence Police Department. The division is responsible for providing the following services.

Training Division

The Florence Police Department Training Division works diligently towards providing quality training to all members of our organization.  We accomplish this mission by providing educational and career development programs that are designed to challenge and to prepare our officers for the demands of today and tomorrow.

We know in general that employees are more loyal to organizations that value their growth and development.  Within the Training Division, we want to cultivate our employees and allow them to develop professionally and have a positive influence on our community.  The importance of training is invaluable to both the employee as well as the organization.  We understand the importance of our employees.  

Internal Affairs

We acknowledge the fact that our employees, particularly police officers, have great latitude and discretion when performing their duties.  With the powers associated with the position of a law enforcement officer also comes the responsibility to use them wisely.  When our employees are found to have violated our policies and procedures, disciplinary or corrective action by their supervisors is initiated. 

The Internal Affairs function is important for the preservation of professional conduct within the Florence Police Department.  The goal of our Internal Affairs Unit is to ensure that the integrity of the Department is maintained through a system where objectivity, fairness, and justice are assured by intensive, impartial investigation.  An adequate and fair complaint and investigative process is critical to maintaining public trust, deterring misconduct, and correcting inappropriate behavior.  The Florence Police Department takes this very seriously and we strive to meet the expectations of the public while performing our official duties.

The Florence Police Department is committed to providing exceptional customer service to the citizens of our community that we interact with on a daily basis.  We expect our employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  The integrity of the department depends on the utmost of importance to our officers, citizens, and the community as a whole.   

Court Security
The Court Security Unit provides security to the judges, employees, and citizens in Municipal Court. This unit also handles prisoners, reviews officer court cases, and testimony as well as performing our yearly summons audit

Evidence Office
This unit is responsible for the proper handling and storage of all property and inventory of the Department. This includes all types of evidence, such as physical items from crime scenes, seized or confiscated items such as drugs, guns, or other valuables, as well as lost or recovered property.

Annually, the Department processes and stores more than 10,000 new pieces of evidence and property for safekeeping. This requires 8-hours a day and 7-days a week of processing time.

The safeguarding of property is critical. Drugs, money, jewelry and other valuable items have significant value and it must be protected from loss or theft. The Department owns valuable equipment as part of its inventory and these items must be accounted for and ready for operational use in the field.

What should you do as a citizen to properly handle evidence?

Once it has been determined or believed that a crime has been committed, the chain of custody of evidence must be adhered to in order for some items to be admitted into court as part of a trial. Any item can become evidence, for example:  a car, a house, a yard, a piece of clothing, a knife, a gun, your body, visible injuries, etc.

The best advise is "DO NOT TOUCH, MOVE, OR WASH ANYTHING."  If you are in doubt, wait for law enforcement instructions on what to do.

How do I recover or retrieve property from the Evidence Room?
After final disposition in the court, a court order must be obtained in some cases advising what items can be returned. 
For items reported lost or stolen, you can secure the case number and log number from your copy of the incident report and contact the investigating officer or evidence custodian periodically to see if the items have been recovered. If so, arrangements can be made at that time to have the items returned to you.