South Carolina Medicare Fraud

Reports of abuse, neglect, exploitation of the elderly and the disabled continue to increase. Whether in a pattern of family violence or as a result of institutional violence, it is a tragedy you can help prevent.

If you have cause to believe that an elderly or disabled person has been abused, neglected, or financially exploited, you are required by South Carolina law to report this to the proper authorities.

The Medicaid Fraud Unit of the South Carolina Attorney General's Office is charged with the investigation and prosecution of Medicaid Fraud and Patient Abuse. The Attorney General has implemented a Rapid Response Team to provide assistance in conducting investigations of patient abuse in nursing homes.

The patient abuse section of the Medical Fraud Control Unit has been successful in combating the rising problem of patient abuse in nursing homes. The Unit has convicted numerous individuals and businesses of fraud and patient abuse. Several defendants have been sentenced to prison terms.

The Unit can be particularly helpful to smaller departments by providing the investigative services listed below:

  • Assistance for the investigation of patient abuse in nursing homes.
  • Qualified Expert Medical Testimony.
  • Legal Staff on Call.
  • Timely Prosecution of Patient Abuse.
  • Special Investigators trained and experienced to interview dementia, geriatric, Alzheimer and special needs patients.
  • Special Investigators trained and experienced in suspect interviewing and interrogation techniques in a nursing home setting.
  • Statutory authority to review and obtain all patient information, medical records and provider/employee information.
  • Additional support equipment for conducting investigations at the crime scene.
  • Qualified financial investigators to investigate financial exploitation of patients.


If you have any information about Medicaid provider fraud or patient abuse, please report it to Attorney General Alan Wilson’s Medicaid Fraud Unit at: (803) 734-3660 or call toll-free: 1-888-NO-CHEAT (1-888-662-4328) Tips can be made anonymously.

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