The vision of the Mayor's Coalition to Prevent Juvenile Crime is to support and promote a community that works together to help youth become healthy and productive citizens.

Dear Coalition Member,

Welcome to the Mayor’s Coalition to Prevent Juvenile Crime. We are happy to have you working with us on this important issue. There are many members of the community who are involved in making the Mayor’s Coalition a success, including law enforcement, education, business, parent groups, neighborhood associations, clergy, human services agencies, hospitals, clubs, and many more.

The Mayor’s Coalition started with a planning committee in June 2004 and made their formal announcement October 15, 2004. The Mayor’s Coalition has secured professional help in building a strong community group that will have a sustained impact on the problem of juvenile crime over a number of years.

We welcome your input and efforts on behalf of the health and safety of Florence’s youth and citizens. Only through the combined efforts of all citizens in the community can we achieve success.

Mayor Stephen J. Wukela
Florence, South Carolina