City of Florence Parks and Recreation



The mission of the City of Florence Parks and Recreation Department is:
“… Creating Community through People, Parks and Programs”.

A PARK USE PERMIT is required when a group wishes to use an amenity or to reserve a portion of a park in order to ensure availability at a specified time.  These permits are available on a limited basis and in accordance with the priorities noted below:

Parks & Recreation Department scheduled activities and programs.

Activities and programs conducted by other groups or organizations that are co-sponsored by the Parks & Recreation Department.

Civic. service, or social organizations which conduct non-discriminatory and non-profit activities; church sponsored social events.

City resident non-profit private functions.

Non-resident non-profit private functions.

Fundraising, for-profit events and partisan activities.


A PARK USE PERMIT is required for numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6 in Section II above.

The parks open 1 hour before sunrise and close 1 hour after sunset, except for lighted events.

Trash receptacles are located throughout the parks.  Please “Stash your Trash” in these receptacles.

Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs will NOT be tolerated in any park.

Firearms and weapons are NOT allowed in any park, except for authorized personnel.

Fireworks are NOT allowed in any park except when specifically authorized by permit.

Portable self-contained grills are allowed in the park, provided they are kept at least 12” off the ground.   Larger grills or cooking systems (that are towed behind a vehicle) are allowed in shelter and/or picnic areas of the park.  Under these circumstances, a PARK USE PERMIT and a Vehicle Access Pass are required.  The resulting coals and grease must be removed from the park before leaving the park.

The parks are designed to accommodate foot and bicycle traffic only.  Bicyclers may be required to walk their bikes when large events are in progress and/or to ride in designated areas, AS DIRECTED BY EVENT OFFICIALS.

Motorized vehicles, including motorcycles and four-wheelers, may park on-street or in designated parking areas.   Except for maintenance crews and emergencies, all other vehicles must obtain a Vehicle Access Permit to enter the park for loading/unloading purposes and must abide the rules stated therein.  All vehicles must be removed to a designated parking area before the event begins.

Specific areas or amenities in the park can be reserved when an application for a PARK USE PERMIT is submitted to, and approved by, the staff at the Parks & Recreation Administrative Office.  Call 665-3253 for more information.

The application for a PARK USE PERMIT must be signed by a responsible person who is at least 18 years old and who agrees to be the Permit Holder upon approval of the application.  The Permit Holder is responsible for compliance with all applicable rules by his/her group and must have possession of the PARK USE PERMIT during the event.

A PARK USE PERMIT is required for each event.  Repetitive events are not covered in one permit.

Park areas and amenities can be rented or reserved for a maximum of three consecutive days.

All events are “litter free”.  This means that the Permit Holder is responsible for the proper disposal of all litter and debris resulting from the event.

Disruptive and disturbing behavior and abusive language will not be tolerated.

Permit Holder is responsible for any damage to the park or park amenities during the period of use.  Property belonging to the City of Florence cannot be removed from the premises under any circumstances.

The Permit Holder and its group or organization assumes all risk and liability associated with their use of the park or amenity.

Failure to do comply with any of the above Rules is sufficient grounds to deny future requests for a permit.

Fees are refunded only in the event the Permit Holder gives the Parks & Beautification staff a written notice of cancellation 15 days prior to the scheduled date of use.

Park facilities are not available for commercial or profit making activities except on a very limited basis, as stated in Section D below.

All rules regarding the use of City parks are also in effect for any designated special use of purpose parks:

Freedom Florence Recreational Complex:

Tournaments and Special Events at Freedom Florence Recreational Complex (see Freedom Florence Guidelines, Policies and Procedures – Attachment #1).
Florence Veterans Park:

The Veterans Park Committee is charged with the initial approval of all recognitions, events, and related funding activities that are to be held or placed within the Veterans Park, this includes all monuments, plaques, tiles, displays, honorariums, speakers, ceremonies, or any other use of the Veterans Park not noted herein.  The purpose of the Veterans Park is to celebrate and honor military service since 1900.

All approved events shall have a direct connection to military personnel who are currently on active duty, active reserves, an honorably discharged veteran, a recognized military organization by the local Veterans Affairs Office, or have received approval by the Veterans Park Committee and the Parks and Beautification Commission.

Events may be approved if the sponsoring person(s) is the spouse, child, parent or legal guardian of a military person described above or other as deemed appropriate and approved by the Veterans Park Committee.


The following rules are in addition to Section A above:

Good sportsmanship is required at all times by players as well as spectators.

Bleachers are not to be moved.

The restrooms and general area must be left clean and free of food and debris.


The following rules are in addition to Section A above:

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed facilities.

No staples or nails may be used on any park property.

Attaching any material to City property (inside or outside) is prohibited without prior approval from staff.  Banners and/or signs for events that are co-sponsored by the City of Florence are permitted only with prior staff approval.  All materials, banners, signs, and decorations used must be removed at the end of the event.

Furniture, equipment and/or game tables are not to be moved except as directed by staff.

In the event the kitchen is used to prepare or serve food, the Permit Holder is responsible for removing all food provided by the group from the premises at the end of the event and leaving the kitchen clean.


      The following rules are in addition to Section A above:

Fundraising is generally not allowed.    A fundraiser that benefits a community center is occasionally allowed.  The rental fees for these events can be waived at the discretion of the Recreation Department Manager.  Charitable groups or organizations may be required to obtain approval of the Parks Commission.

Proprietary and commercial entities are not permitted to use park facilities for financial gain or profit.  Exceptions may be approved provided:
I:   The activity or event conforms with the mission statement of the Parks Commission; AND,

II:  The charitable or community based organization sponsoring the event is paid a non-refundable flat fee by the for-profit vendor(s) prior to the event.  A $10 minimum payment from each vendor is recommended for small gatherings and $75 to $150 from each vendor for large gatherings; OR, the sponsoring organization has a profit sharing arrangement with the vendor(s).

Partisan activities or functions are not permitted on City property except the following:             i.   Use as a voting precinct
ii.  Precinct organizational meeting
iii. Non-partisan meetings
iv.  Meet the candidates programs

The Park Use Permit must contain a list of all items to be sold at the event.  Alcohol sales are strictly prohibited.

Seven days prior to the event, the Permit Holder must provide the Parks and Recreation Department proof each vendor has a City business license and a Certificate of (liability) Insurance naming the City of Florence as additional insured.  In addition, the Permit Holder is responsible for notifying DHEC if there are vendors serving food at the event.

When programs or lessons are offered to the public for a fee, the fee schedule must be approved by staff and must not discriminate against any “protected classes“.


Security personnel are required at all outdoor events with 100 or more participants.  The number required is as follows:      
                                    i.     100  -175 participants requires 1 security person.
                                    ii.    175 - 250 participants requires 2 security persons.
                                    iii.   For each additional 75 participants add 1 more security person.

      2.  Security personnel are defined as:
                                    i.    Off-duty law enforcement members.  (A list is available through staff)
                                    ii.    Employees of a bona fide security company.
                                    iii.   Certified security personnel


Information on obtaining a Park Use Permit is available at the offices of the Parks & Recreation Department, located at 513 Barnes Street or by calling 665-3253.

At least one (1) month before the event, applicant should review the details of the event with staff in order determine the eligibility of the group and the availability of the space desired.
The Park Use Permit application must be completed and signed at the Barnes Street Activity Center office.  The space is reserved only after the rental fees are paid in full and the application has been approved by the Manager of the Parks & Recreation Department, or his/her designee.
The Park Use Permit is a copy of the application which has been signed by the Manager of the Parks & Recreation Department.  The Park Use Permit must be in the possession of the Permit Holder during the event. In the event an application is turned down, the applicant can present his/her case to the Parks  Commission at its monthly meeting (the first Thursday of each month).