The need for a major recreational complex in the Greater Florence area was first recognized in May of 1987.  Besides meeting the current and future needs of the community, it was determined that a major sports complex would also enhance the area.  A major sports complex would be an attraction for industrial and commercial development and population growth, plus, create tourism in the Florence Community.

June 1990 saw the opening of one of the premier recreational facilities of its kind in the Southeastern United States – Freedom Florence.  Since then, Freedom Florence has continued to grow and prosper bringing over 25 thousand participants and spectators annually to Florence creating an economic impact estimated at $7 million annually.  Freedom Florence is recognized as one of the most comprehensive recreational facilities in the Southeast.  Not only can we host major state, regional, and national level tournaments, but it also serves as a recreational facility to serve the entire family of the Florence area and those who travel to the Florence area for these tournaments.

The City of Florence constructed Freedom Florence to meet a growing demand for a quality recreation facility.  Freedom Florence will not only enhance the quality of recreation for the people of the Florence area but it will reach out much further to touch many people in other areas of our state and nation.  Many adults and youth throughout our area will use Freedom Florence by playing on one of the five (5) softball fields, one of the four (4) football/soccer combination fields, four (4) youth softball fields, or our gymnastics facility.  Future additions to Freedom Florence will open additional areas of recreation to better meet the variety of recreational needs for the Florence area.

Freedom Florence will aid in our local businesses and residential growth; it will also create more jobs, enhance tourism and improve the quality of life for individual citizens.  Being the host to local, state, regional, and national tournaments in softball and gymnastics competitions will accomplish this goal.