Freedom Florence Recreation Complex

Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures

Freedom Florence Recreation Complex is a multi-use facility built in 1990 and operated by the City of Florence. The complex is designed to host various state, regional, and national level tournaments; as well as provide championship caliber fields and facilities for the local softball and baseball leagues played both in the spring and fall seasons. The complex features nine lighted baseball/softball fields and seating for spectators. The complex has two press box control towers that include computerized scoreboards, public address capabilities, restrooms and umpire’s locker room, as well as two concession stands.

Other amenities at Freedom Florence Recreation Complex include staffed, coin-operated batting cages, a gymnastics facility, and three lighted multi-purpose fields, which provide championship caliber facilities for our local leagues and residents. The Complex also offers a public picnic shelter with outdoor grills, a five-acre pond for fishing and an extensive system of trails for walking, jogging and biking.

The City of Florence Parks and Recreation staff is available to assist you with scheduling and planning your event. We look forward to hosting your tournament/event at the Freedom Florence Recreation Complex. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the City of Florence Parks and Recreation Department. 
Mailing Address 
City of Florence Recreation Department
324 W. Evans Street
Florence, SC 29501

Freedom Florence Recreation Complex
1515 Freedom Blvd.
Florence, SC 29505 

Complex Contacts

Rocky Rietkovich (City of Florence - Freedom Florence Complex Coordinator) (843) 669-4597

Janice Smith (City of Florence - Concessions Coordinator) (843) 669-4597

Park Rules & Regulations
• Pedestrians have the right of way throughout the park.
• Smoking and/or the use of tobacco products in the gated areas of the park is prohibited. There are smoke chimneys for butt disposal at gates.
• Personal coolers and outside food are prohibited inside ticketed gates.
• Pets and bicycles are prohibited inside ticketed gates and playing fields.
• Motorized vehicles allowed on paved roads and parking lot only.
• Park only in designated areas within the parking lot. Parking on the grass and/or curbsides will not be allowed and are subject to ticket/towing.
• Open fires are not allowed at any time.
• No alcoholic beverages or weapons of any kind allowed in park.
• No skateboards, roller blades, or scooters allowed.
• No climbing on metal frames, fences, or trellis areas.
• No littering.
• Practice and warm-up only in designated areas.
• Soft toss hitting into the fence is prohibited. Violators may be asked to leave the complex and/or assessed a damage fee.
• Softball fields are reserved for League / Tournament play and practice only.
Failure to abide by the park regulations may result in penalties and/or termination of park privileges.
The City of Florence is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or loss of property incurred while using park facilities.
Tournaments & Special Events
Conditions for Use

All non-tournament special events will be approved by the City of Florence under a separate agreement. Contact person for non-tournament special events shall be the Recreation Department Manager.

All tournaments / events shall be scheduled through the listed contacts for Freedom Florence Recreation Complex. Individual agreements will be negotiated between the user and the City of Florence depending upon the size and/or type of tournament/event.

All tournament related activities shall abide by the following Conditions for Use:

• To schedule a tournament / event, the Tournament Director shall make contact with the City’s Athletic Coordinator prior to December 1 of each year. Tournament contracts are to be negotiated, signed and returned to the Athletic Coordinator by January 15 of the tournament year (After January 1st, tournaments shall be scheduled on a first come – first serve basis).

• All tournaments shall be secured by a written and signed agreement by the City and the Tournament Director. Included in the agreement will be such items as:
 Type of event
 Date(s)
 Sponsoring person(s), association or agency
 Facilities requested for use
 Number of fields needed and field set-up (base / mound distances, etc.)
 Start and finish time (all areas or fields - field start times more than one hour apart require prior approval by the City).
 Facility / field maintenance needs
 Scorekeepers may or may not be available depending on the type and/or size of the tournament / event (Note: In the event Freedom Florence does not provide scorekeepers, the association may elect to provide their own with the understanding that the association will cover the cost ($10.00 per hour) of Freedom Florence providing a City staff supervisor who will be responsible for setup/breakdown of scoreboard equipment and supervising the association scorekeepers.)
 Concessions may or may not be available or may be downsized depending on the type and/or size of the tournament / event.
 Gate -- Admission fees and hours of operation will be determined by City of Florence and the Booking association through the contract agreement. Ticket prices are $6 for adults (13 and older) and $4 for youth (12 and under). Ages 6 and under are free.
 Lights (Electricity) – the sponsoring person, association or agency may be charged for electrical use if they do not stay on or maintain the schedule agreed upon prior to the tournament / event (consideration will be given for weather delays or other uncontrollable circumstances). If the Association is responsible for a delay in games, resulting in additional light usage beyond the agreed upon schedule, the association will incur a $50 per hour, per field, charge.
 Souvenirs – the sale of souvenirs by a person, association or agency may be allowed with City of Florence approval.
 Vendors – outside vendors are responsible for communicating park guidelines, policies and procedures to all their employees / workers. The Vendor will obtain a Complex pass for each employee from City staff. Associations who bring in outside vendors or serve as a vendor themselves, will be required to provide the City of Florence with the following:

-The City of Florence will receive 10% of total sales at the end of the tournament from all merchandise vendors and 30% of total sales from concessions vendors.
-All outside vendors are required to have a City of Florence Business License, a certificate of insurance showing general liability (in excess of $1,000,000), and worker’s compensation insurance. This is a City of Florence policy and is non-negotiable.

• The Tournament Director shall contact (email, fax or phone) the City by 9:00 a.m. Thursday prior to the event. Failure to notify by Thursday at 9:00 a.m. shall cause the Tournament Director to be responsible for providing their own rooms for umpires and may reflect in future scheduling requests.
• Team listing and coaches’ names shall be emailed or delivered to Freedom Florence Recreation Complex staff by 9:00 a.m. the day before the start of the scheduled event. You may email or .
• The City of Florence will be responsible for gate check-in of coaches and teams.
• The Tournament Director shall be responsible for posting Freedom Florence Complex Rules and Regulations on their website and/or providing each participating team with a copy of the rules prior to the start of the scheduled tournament / event.

The City of Florence reserves the right to delay or cancel any tournament / event due to inclement weather, unsafe playing conditions, general precautionary measures to preserve playing surfaces and maintain a safe environment and / or a tournament / event that does not meet its obligations or any special condition(s).

The City of Florence shall:

• Provide field(s) for the tournament / event.
• Provide the Association / User with one drag and lining of the fields one day prior to the scheduled start of the tournament / event and each day the tournament / event is to be played.
• Maintain the condition of the playing fields to a suitable playing level as determined by Freedom Florence Staff. The Association / User will not be allowed to maintain any field or playing area for maintenance unless agreed upon by the City of Florence. Field Conditioners will be used at City of Florence discretion.
• Operate concessions for the tournament / event (dependant on size of tournament) in the Upper Complex only.
• Maintain and clean the complex area, concessions and restrooms.

Special Notes

Tournament Directors are responsible for communicating park guidelines, policies and procedures to all teams and coaches. Park Policies can be found at or from the Complex contacts.

Each team participating is allowed to bring ONE team cooler for water or sports drink only. Personal coolers and outside food are prohibited inside ticketed gates.

For baseball tournaments which use the City’s portable, carpeted pitching mounds – Pitchers must use non-metal cleats to prevent cutting and tearing of the mound carpet.

Failure to honor the Tournament / Event Contract, which results in the cancellation of a scheduled tournament / event, will cause the Association a $300 penalty (to be paid prior to the Association’s next scheduled tournament or taken out of next tournament revenues) and may reflect in future scheduling requests with the City of Florence. This WILL be enforced.

The City reserves the right, dependant upon the size/kind of the tournament, not to provide scorekeepers, scoreboards, maintenance staff, concessions, a ticket gate, or secure umpire rooms unless previously agreed upon. Tournaments with fourteen teams or less will be required to pay complex rental fees (see attached fee schedule), which must be paid on the first day of the tournament.

All signage associated with a tournament /event requires the Tournament Director to negotiate and have written approval from the City before placing any signage or advertising in the Complex area. The right to place signage or other forms of advertising is exclusively held by the City of Florence.

Each Association / Organization using the Complex is required to provide the City of Florence with a Certificate of Insurance (minimum of $1,000,000 coverage), naming the City as additional insured. The Certificate Holder Section should read:

City of Florence
324 W. Evans Street 
Florence, SC 29501

The Association / Organization using the Complex is also required to purchase a City of Florence Business License (information available from the City of Florence Finance Department at 843-665-3162).

The Certificate of Insurance and the Business License must be turned in prior to the first day of the tournament.

Conditions for Gate, Concessions, and Outside Vendors
There are two concessions stands within the Freedom Florence upper and lower complexes. The upper concession stand opens approximately thirty minutes prior to the start of the first game. The lower concession stand is manned and operated by the FYSA (Florence Youth Softball Association).
The City normally charges an admission fee to enter the tournament gates and other special events scheduled at Freedom Florence. The City will determine the admission fees and they are subject to vary according to the type of tournament/event scheduled. Unless posted, there is no admission charge for City sponsored youth recreational leagues that play at Freedom Florence.
The City has exclusive rights to all gate receipts and concessions sold in Freedom Florence Recreation Complex. The City reserves the right under certain exceptions (i.e., non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, associations, leagues and/or educational systems) to divide, after expenses, the gate receipts between the sponsoring organization and the City, based upon the negotiated contract agreement with the City and Tournament Director.

By contract, the City may allow and/or negotiate the sale of souvenirs by a Tournament Director for a scheduled tournament / event at Freedom Florence Recreation Complex. Failure to gain approval from the City will be considered a breach of contract and may be subject to a penalty or loss of future privileges. The penalty may be in the form of the Tournament Director’s loss of gate receipts from the tournament.

With prior approval, the City may allow and/or negotiate the sale of concessions or other items from outside vendors. Individuals wishing to seek approval must contact the City. Any approved vendor operating at Freedom Florence is also required to purchase a City of Florence Business License (information available from the City of Florence Finance Department at 843-665-3162). Any and all signage associated with the outside vendor must have approval of the City.

Conditions for Host Properties

The City of Florence has a binding contract with its Host Properties for Freedom Florence Recreation Complex. The City requires that the Tournament Director of a scheduled tournament / event, list the Host Properties through the Association website or web administrator.

The City of Florence reserves the right to book complimentary rooms for tournament officials and staff. This is a privilege and needs to be treated as so. All bookings are done on Thursdays and cannot be changed for any reason.