The City of Florence is proud of the progress it has made in beautification efforts.  Numerous gateways and public rights of way have been significantly improved over the years.  Continuing these efforts is a priority for the City, and several programs are available to allow citizens to be involved.  The City’s Tree Planting Fund and the Adopt-A-Park program are two examples of how you may contribute financially.  If you are interested in personal involvement and community service, you may wish to be considered for appointment to the Parks and Beautification Commission.  In addition, the City actively promotes beautification of private property such as businesses and parking lots through landscape ordinances.  As Florence continues to grow, these ordinances are a key part of making our community image a positive one.

For more information about beautification, or to make a donation, stop by the Streets and Beautification Division, located at 1440 McCurdy Road, between 7:30am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday, or call them at 665-3236.

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