The City of Florence offers different leagues for adults who are interested in playing softball in the Florence area. We offer leagues for Adult Open/Industrial, Adult Co-Ed, Adult Church, and Adult Women's Open (dependant on the number of teams that sign up).

Open league teams are those that have no restrictions as to who may play on the team. Church teams are comprised of members from a particular church in the surrounding area. Church teams are allowed four (4) non-members to participate with their church. Industrial teams are made up of staffs from the business community. Industrial league rules allow three (4) non-employees to play for a particular business.

Registration for the Spring League begins in February, and registration for the Fall League begins in August of each year. The team registration fee is $475.00.  A registration packet, which includes the Official Roster Form, Participant Medical Waiver(s), and the League Rules and By-Laws, may be picked up beginning the first day of registration each season at 513 Barnes Street.  

If you are interested in registering a team for the league, please contact Rocky Rietkovich at (843) 665-3253 or visit the City of Florence Parks and Recreation Administrative Office at 513 Barnes Street.