About Us 

The Department of Community Services primarily serves City of Florence residents in community areas targeted as needing special assistance and attention.  These areas include North, East, and West Florence. Within these areas, programs are administered with local and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding.

The Department also administers services within the community, which include Neighborhood Revitalization, a First-time Homebuyers Program, Emergency Rehabilitation Assistance, Rental Assistance and neighborhood improvement support.  As a department, our focus is on enhancing the quality of life of the low to moderate-income community so that all City of Florence residents live in vibrant, thriving places.

Quality Affordable Housing

One of the main goals of the Community Services Department is providing opportunities for the City's low-to-moderate income residents to obtain quality, affordable housing.  The City of Florence has taken a proactive role in achieving this goal by taking the lead on two notable housing developments: the Stackley Street Redevelopment Project and North Pointe Subdivision.

Before redevelopment, Stackley Street was a haven for illegal activity. Located in a CDBG target area in North Florence, Stackley Street was infamously known as a drug and crime-infested neighborhood. To help remedy the problem, the City of Florence purchased eight lots in the neighborhood in order to clear the lots and build new homes. Through a grant from the State Housing HOME Program, six new homeowners were able to obtain $7500 in down payment assistance towards the purchase of these new homes.

The North Pointe Subdivision is another project that the City is proud of. The North Pointe Subdivision is a 27-lot housing development that was planned and funded by the City.  The City of Florence donated the land for the subdivision, in addition to using approximately $275,000 in CDBG funding for the infrastructure. It is located on North Pointe Drive in North Florence. The subdivision has a landscaped entrance, rolled curb and gutter, sidewalks, and decorative street lighting. It currently consists of eight owner-occupied homes.  

Qualifying applicants may receive up to $30,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance through the First-time Homebuyers Program.  Prospective applicants for the First-time Homebuyers Program may obtain an application here.