Home Safety Tips

The City of Florence Fire Department strongly recommends that every home have a fire escape plan that is effective and well known by all family members. To plan a home fire escape plan, draw a floor plan of your home that shows all windows, doors, halls, stairs and rooms. Make sure all rooms, especially bedrooms, have at least two exits. Draw dark arrows on your plan to indicate normal exits. Mark emergency escape routes with red arrows. These alternative exits are to be used when normal exits are blocked. Test your escape routes. Make sure windows can be opened easily, and that screens and storm windows can be removed from the inside. If your bedrooms are on the second floor, install folding fire escape ladders. If you live in an apartment or other group residence, be sure that the building has an overall plan in place and that your plan fits with it.

To account for everyone's safety, select and list on your plan a definite meeting place outside the house and near the front of the house. Assign someone to assist infants, small children, elderly, and disabled family members. Be prepared to call the Fire Department from a neighbor's house by dialing 911. Hold fire drills with all family members at least once each month. This will test the practicality of your plan and give you a chance to practice escaping. For more information or assistance in planning your fire escape plan, please stop by the department main offices, located at 324 W. Evans Street, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, or call them at 843-665-3231.

Safety Tips 

  • Have working smoke detectors in proper locations (at least one each sleeping level).
  • Have a working fire extinguisher (ABC Type).
  • Store combustibles in approved containers and cabinets.
  • Have heating systems cleaned before use each season.
  • When using fuel burning systems, use approved fuels.
  • Allow proper clearance for all heating systems (see appliance label).
  • Be aware of electrical hazards, DO NOT overload outlets.
  • Use extreme caution when cooking; never leave cooking food unattended.
  • Have and Practice a Home Escape Plan  - Know two ways out of each room.
  • Practice Exit Drill In The Home--E.D.I.T.H.
  • Make sure you have visible and conspicuous house numbers posted on the street side of your home for all emergency responders.